The Crush of Ghostbusters


Melissa McCarthy say Chris Hemsworth blew female ‘Ghostbusters’ away….writes Sugandha Rawal


Her first reaction on seeing actor Chris Hemsworth walk in on the sets of “Ghostbusters” was “Oh my god. That’s just pretty to look at”. For actress Melissa McCarthy, Hollywood’s Thor turned out to be a full entertainment package.

McCarthy says he is ‘“bizarrely funny’”, ‘“best improviser’” and a good singer, and that he ‘“blew’” the “Ghostbusters” team away with his wit.

McCarthy will be seen busting ghosts in Paul Feig’s version of the famous 1984 eponymous American supernatural horror comedy along with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. And Hemsworth joins the gang as their loved secretary.

In the trailer of the film, which is set to release in India on July 15, the girl gang is seen ogling at Hemsworth. So how was shooting with him?

Actor Chris Hemsworth
Actor Chris Hemsworth

‘“You do some talking before he comes in. You get yourself centered and you’re like ‘Let’s be respectful’. And then he walks in and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God. And that’s just pretty to look at’.

“But that strangely goes away very quickly because he is… And I knew he was going to be nice. Everybody said ‘Oh, he’s such a great guy. He’s so nice. You’re going to love him.’ No one mentioned that he was bizarrely funny,’” McCarthy told reporters here.

That’s not it.

‘“He was so funny and he was one of the best improvisers I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of really funny guys. He just kind of blew us all away. And we had such a fun time with him.

“I’m proud of all of us that eventually he just became Chris and we stopped being creepy. Except for Leslie. Leslie continued to objectify,’” quipped McCarthy during a press event organised by Sony Pictures Entertainment for select media from across Asia.

McCarthy, who is writing new rules of Hollywood and has made a place for herself as the most bankable comedy star in the world, also shared one instance when she was left awestruck when Hemsworth gave them a dekko at his singing talent.

‘“He did start singing…he was trying to look up somebody and we were talking about music. And I said, ‘What song is that?’ And he started singing it, and I was like ‘Shut up. Don’t. For god’s sake, he can sing?’ And he goes, ‘Well, I can carry a tune’.”

“I was like ‘Just don’t because I’m going to pretend that you’re terrible at something or I’ll hate you. So just shut it and don’t sing, ever’,’” she said.

Feig picked an all-female cast to narrate his vision of classic film ‘“Ghostbusters’” on the silver screen. The decision evoked negative response, giving way to a gender-focused debate.

McCarthy, who has done films like ‘“Bridesmaids’” and ‘“Spy’” with Feig, finds all the clamour “a little odd”.

The actress, who is married to actor Ben Falcone, said: ‘“I just always say that that one, anytime someone’s commenting on something that they have not seen, I find it a little odd. I mean, you’re critiquing something that you have not seen.”

McCarthy also lauds Feig for assembling a ‘“cast that always seems to work’”.

‘“All four of us women have such different energies and different styles, but the real trick is that Paul knows that when we come together, we all work so well together. And that’s the true magic that you hope for,’” McCarthy said.


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