Designer KhushiZ Launches Her New Collection


KhushiZ launches her new simple yet elegant collection. . . . by Asian Lite News

The world of fashion and fashionable clothes has become so glitzy and glamorous that a simple coat or a dress does not attract anybody. Fashion is all about liking the couture in the first impression. But in reality, the field is much more than only first impressions and eye-catching glamorous outfits. It is also about comfort, uniqueness, innovative and style.

Thus designer KhusiZ who has already made a mark with her Underwater Range where she worked with Salman and Arbaz Khan ; has returned with her new collection. This collection named as KhushiZ No|BS literally means ‘No Bu*****t’. She has blended simple designs with her innovative style to give them a new look and feel.

Her range of work consists of women’s gown and evening wear and men’s formal wear.  According to KhushiZ, “With their unique subtext of delicate details, simple harmonies, and rich textural formats, the brand has come to epitomize refinement and luxury in fashion. While keeping the handwriting essentially subtle with monochromatic tones, the language is most definitely contemporary and silhouette centric.”

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