EventCity, Manchester Hosted Om Yoga Show


Manchester was home to yoga and meditation lovers and those from the fitness and well -being industry for three days , as it hosted one of the biggest events of the year- The Om Yoga Show. . . . reports Subhadrika Sen

Yoga is the art- work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.”
 Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

Open Air Yoga Classes
Open Air Yoga Classes

 The Om Yoga Show held in Event City Manchester was a three day mega event on Yoga , meditation and well being. Various stalls were put up, paid workshops were conducted and free yoga classes took place in three different arenas of the hall. On entering the venue, one could feel a vivacious burst of positive energy, with the chanting of Om resonating throughout. Amidst the noises, voices and laughter; everyone was gathered for one purpose: to devote sometime for personal well-being.

In today’s stress filled life, one often forgets to devote some ‘me’ time. This forms the basis of rising stress and tension levels paving the path for further health problems. To avoid such a situation it is advisable to practice Yoga or meditation. It helps in concentration of energy and disseminating it through the whole body leaving one’s soul cleansed, purified and fresh. It fills one up with energy to deal with the day to day stress levels.

Some of the highlights of the show were the Yogi Tea stall. This tea was made with Ayurvedic supplements and had over sixty flavours. In fact, some of the flavours were even available for free tasting. The Virtue Wheel put up by the Brahmakumaris was a major attraction. There was always a long queue before the wheel, where people took turns in rotating it and hit the virtue which matched the most to their personality. Trying one’s luck at the Virtue Wheel was free of cost and a fun activity. Many organisations gave free or paid massage at a nominal rate. These massages were given by trained masseuses and helped in relaxing the body muscles.

When it comes to well-being, a major part of keeping fit constitutes of what one eats. Too much of fried, oily and junk food is bad for health. Thus, companies like Urban Fruit, Pukka, Pana Chocolate and Vita Coco displayed a range of dietary products which were low fat, healthy and helped to maintain one’s fitness. According to the owner of the SheProtein a brand which caters to protein supplements specifically for women, “We set up a company that is just designed to have protein supplements that women have confidence in.  It is also convenient which is why we have these unique on-the-go sachets for women to have in their handbags. We wanted to move away from the masculine products that are out there and create something that was for women, by women. “

Iswar- Vishwanath in action
Iswar- Vishwanath in action

There were various stalls which catered to the needs of fitness outfits like Tiger Lily Clothing, Starseeds, Yoga Goodies, Pul Sera, Emma Nissim and TOETOE socks.

The interesting highlight of the event was yoga which was catered to the needs of the children and pre and post pregnancy. The Yoga Bears was one of the most attractive stalls where the children went to learn some simple children yoga postures. The official mascot, Yoga Bear appeared from time to time and played with the children. The Yoga Bear is based in Liverpool.

There were provisions of getting enrolled for Yoga teaching and certificate training courses as well.

Mr. Dalip Matta
Mr. Dalip Matta from Matta International foods, Liverpool

The Art of Living Stall promoted the upcoming visit of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on the 12th of June. Tickets were also being sold for the event. According to Dalip Matta, “I’m from Liverpool. I’m here today at the Manchester Yoga show because I am interested in Yoga; I am interested in well-being and happiness. And I am here to help promote the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar event which is going to be on the 12th of June of this year. And why I am here is because the more you give, the more you get. “

The Art of Living Stall conducting Free Meditation Sessions
The Art of Living Stall conducting Free Meditation Sessions

The Art of Living Stall conducted Free Meditation Sessions at the show.  Lastly, but not the least, the Yoga show had an amazing list of performances scheduled for each day. With beautiful songs by Tim Wheater and Cherub, to Acro Yoga with Eugene and Pip; from uplifting one’ soul through enchanting music mantras by Elyse G Rogers all captivated the attention of the audience.

Thus, the Om Yoga Show, Manchester, a part of a series of Yoga Show taking place in Glasgow, Manchester and London; was a successful event in terms of making the audience aware of the power of Yoga and Meditation – the Science and Art of well-being. It also highlighted the demand for Yoga and Meditation, fitness equipments, dietary products, clothing etc. making one realise the extent and scope of the fitness industry in today’s economy.


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