Tips for a quick, fun Desi breakfast


Don’t look at the Tali. This is not for you. Are you in a hurry? In a rush for office? Grab a quick, fun breakfast….A special from Asian Lite News

ThaliIn the fast-paced lifestyles and the morning rush to work, don’t forget to fill your stomach with a hearty breakfast. While it should be nutritional and tasty, it can be quick and easy to make too.

Chef Gaurav Chadha, in-house chef of Dr. Oetker, has shared tips on how to prepare lip-smacking breakfast recipes which are quick and easy to make:

* Give a unique twist to the regular south Indian food. To the authentic avial, add tomato, salt and 3 tbsp of FunFoods vegetarian mayonnaise to get a creamy and aromatic curry and serve it hot with dosa toasties (dosa batter cooked in a waffle maker).

* The best way to westernise leftover chappati is by transforming it into a Breakfast Quesadilla. Get a premium stuffing by mixing FunFoods Mint mayonnaise with vegetables like tomato, onion, bell peppers and chilies, which can then be stuffed inside the chapatti to give it an interesting makeover. These breakfasts Quesadilla can be served along with salsa.

* Add excitement to your regular breakfast upma by mixing it with 2 tbsp of FunFoods vegetarian mayonnaise. You can then create soft little roundels which are your refreshing Upma koftas. These can be served with mayo or curd sauce.

* Another interesting cook-up is Mayonnaise Crumpets. To get light and fluffy crumpets, mix FunFoods vegetarian mayonnaise with flour, sugar and yeast. You can also use mayonnaise to prepare a healthy sauce by mixing it with milk and honey. The classic fermented breakfast griddle cake can be served with either milk or honey.