Maddy To Hold Peace Talks

Singer Madonna

Singer Madonna is reportedly keen to hold “peace talks” with her former husband Guy Ritchie here next week when her Rebel Heart world tour comes to an end

Singer Madonna
Singer Madonna

The 57-year-old is said to be planning to fly straight out to see Rocco, who has been living with his father here since December, reports Daily Mail.

“Madonna is going to do whatever it takes to see Rocco. She wants to meet with Guy as well to sort out the situation once and for all,” said a source.

Madonna reportedly told friends that she is prepared to live in London for the time being in order to be close to her eldest son.

“If it means staying in London for a long period of time then she will,” the insider said.

Madonna has been on the road since last year and is currently in Australia until the tour draws to an end on Sunday.