Revamp your house with neon colours, sheer curtains


Add a dash of neon to pep up the mood at your home in the gloomy monsoon season, and use some chimes to get a soothing tune while they sway in the breeze, an expert suggests.

According to Navneet Malhotra, Co-founder of Renomania, an online home décor platform, you can beat the dark and gloomy monsoon days by getting rid of heavy blinds and curtains and replacing them with colourful curtains, bright cushions and assorted chairs to brighten up your abode at a minimal cost.

Here are a few tricks and tips:

* Use sheer curtains: Since the sun is not a common element during this weather, the house may look dark and gloomy. Hence, it is suggested that you get rid of those heavy blinds and curtains that can be useful in keeping the house cool during summer.

Instead opt for light, sheer curtains to bring some light into the house. The light curtains also perfectly fit with the lethargic mood that monsoon brings with itself.

* Infuse nature: Many plants in our gardens face the danger of dying out because of the rains. Instead, we can bring the exuberant greenery indoors and enhance the natural quotient of the house. You can add earthen elements like wood, bamboo and jute to your home décor as well.

shutterstock_7605928* Use bright colours to kill the dullness: Bright interiors reduce the dullness and bring happiness and excitement to the house. Use colourful curtains, bright cushions and assorted chairs to brighten the space at minimal cost. Opt for neons as they are in trend and make the space more lively.

* Oil diffusers and scented candles: Despite the joy that monsoon brings with it after the tiring summer season, we also have to face some major problems like the musty smell, dampness and mould. You can use oil diffusers and scented candles to keep from the stuffy, stale smell.

There are umpteen aromas in the market but lavender, vanilla and lemongrass are known to be soothing on the soul.

* Get rugs and dhurries: If you have any silk and wool furnishings or carpets in the house, it is time you get rid of them. These fabrics tend to attract moisture and do not go well with the already humid weather. Instead, go for rugs and dhurries and the fabrics that suit the season are nylon and polyester.

* Accessorise with wind chimes: You can use wind chimes on your window sills which will be good for creating a positive and serene mood.

* Light up with LEDs and bottle lamps: You can also minimize the dullness by installing lamps in the house. The market has seen an influx of different varieties of LED lights which look svelte and debonair. You can also go for DIY (Do-it-yourself) bottle lamps which are made by putting fairy lights in any glass bottle.

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