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Those serving the military are highly prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

British Military Veterans find a SafeHaven in Wilmslow due to integrating mind and body treatments for PTSD . . . . By Asian Lite News

Those serving the military are highly prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Those serving the military are highly prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

The SafeHaven Trauma Centre, based in Wilmslow, South Manchester, specialize in the treatment of stress and psychological trauma. The Centre is leading the way in pioneering a new approach for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

This new approach is the first of its kind to integrate psychological and physical treatment for this debilitating condition. The two treatments SafeHaven specialise in combining are psychotherapy with craniosacral therapy. In an exciting step the Centre has begun researching the effectiveness of this combined treatment for British military veterans suffering with PTSD.

SafeHaven is funding a £20k research project in conjunction with the University of Chester. Initial results have indicated that the treatment has led to significant improvement, with PTSD symptoms reduced by 77%, anxiety 50%, depression 87% and somatoform disorders 62% within six weeks.

The study, as well as establishing that combined treatment has the potential to be highly effective, also highlights the fact that trauma treatment can facilitate physical and psychological improvements that extend beyond simply an improvement in PTSD symptoms.

Charlotte Copeland, Clinical Director of SafeHaven Trauma Centre, explains: “Current research into the effects of psychological trauma on the body is broadening our understanding about the inter-relational dynamics of the mind and body. Whilst traditional treatment has generally focuses on either the physical or psychological symptoms, we find combined treatment is enabling people to recover not only faster but with an increased quality of life that extends far beyond symptom reduction. This is why we believe combined treatment is an important choice for clients to have.”

The SafeHaven Trauma Centre is looking for 3 more veterans who have experienced psychological trauma during active service and are experiencing symptoms of PTSD such as: re-experiencing/ intrusive thoughts related to what happened, actively trying to avoid anything that may trigger memories, feeling hyper-vigilant and ‘on-edge’ constantly, having a lot of negative thoughts, feeling very low in mood and detached from life.

Anyone interested in receiving the full treatment program or needs more information should contact Charlotte on email .

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