Saudi Unites Islamic Forces


The Turkish President hosts Saudi King in the 13th Istanbul Summit . . . . reports Asian Lite News

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently held addressed the 13th summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul. The two major topics of his speech were terrorism and the ongoing migrant crisis. According to the President, a joint body is required to fight terrorism in the global scenario. He went on to say that terrorism is the largest threat to peace in contemporary world. According to him, “I believe the greatest challenge we need to surmount is sectarianism. My religion is Islam.”

Suggestions were also made for an Istanbul based Police operation and Coordination Centre. This suggestion was backed by a majority of the fifty-seven states that form the Islamic bloc.

Present in this summit was also the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz. His presence emerged as a new ray of hope for strengthening strategic alliances between Saudi Arabia and Turkey after many years. The President of turkey even bestowed on the King the highest state honour of the country to praise his initiatives to breach the strategic gap between the two countries.

The Saudi King had made a five day stop to Egypt before arriving in Turkey. He was the first King to make a historic speech in Cairo. In the summit, he too focussed on cooperation and unity among the Islamic states to combat terrorism.

Such a policy would be beneficial to the Islamic bloc from political, economic and strategic point of views.