Bahadur Drains Nawaz Claims on Kashmir


Bahadur Ali, Pakistani terrorist held in Kashmir, told Indian interrogators that he was sent, along with others, to foment trouble in Kashmir, rake up violence against security forces and besmirch India’s name and respect in the international circles….writes Syed Shihabudhin

Bahadur Ali, the Paksitani terrorist held in Kashmir
Bahadur Ali, the Paksitani terrorist held in Kashmir

The arrest of Pakistani national Bahadur Ali in Kashmir has exposed the country’s nefarious games of fuelling terrorism in neighbouring India. The arrest comes at a time when Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been claiming that his country is a “victim“ and how international community must intervene in Kashmir. The arrest of a hard core Pakistani terrorist from Kashmir is a resounding slap to stop all such claims.

Bahadur Ali is not an ordinary terrorist, he is a member of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, whom the Pakistani government has been indulging in despite strong international pressure and persuasion. What he told his Indian interrogators is even more revealing: he said he was sent, along with others, to foment trouble in Kashmir, rake up violence against security forces and besmirch India’s name and respect in the international circles.

Bahadur Ali’s shows how grossly mischievous has been Pakistan’s ploys towards India while complaining in the world capitals about India not responding to their friendship gestures. If this is what Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had meant about hand of friendship, India can very well do without such friends.

But more than the treacherous behaviour of the Pakistani leadership, Bahadur Ali and others could not have been sent into India without the knowledge of the civilian and military leadership, it is the reaffirmation of the fact that Pakistan is the most dangerous terrorist sponsoring country in the world. In terms of posing danger to the world in general, Pakistan outstrips all other rogue countries in the world.

Pakistan Pakistani army women soldiersThe world must take serious note of Pakistan’s dangerous transformation as a terrorist state. Not to be forgotten it is a country with the most rapid illegal nuclear weapons development programme in the world and its dalliance with China, another nuclear power and a difficult country to deal with, makes it even more dangerous. There is no doubt, and there cannot be any more delays, Pakistan must be stopped now.

A brief understanding of its role in inflicting violence in Kashmir needs restatement, only to ask Nawaz Sharif to look within before shouting at others. It has been known since early 80s that Pakistan has been busy setting up terrorist groups, indoctrinating and training gullible Kashmiri youth and others into believing in jihad and violence. Most of the terrorist groups set up by Pakistan, especially its Army, have been tasked to cause violence in Kashmir. Be it Harkat-ul Mujahideen or LeT or JeM, their principle stated goal has been “to liberate Kashmir“.

It is another matter that their dreams of doing so fell by the roadside when they came face to face with the Indian security forces. They fled or died when the Indian security forces took them. Pakistan Army tried everything in its might to turn Kashmir into a Palestine but with no success.

Even as their diabolical efforts failed time and again, Pakistan Army and the civilian leadership were not either willing to learn any lesson or were too arrogant and foolish to ignore the writings on the wall. The result was Pakistan as a state began melting down and its transformation as an extremist country came to the fore. The dangers of such a rogue county became even more acute as it illegally built a sizeable stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Here is a country which has a vast terrorist infrastructure with hundreds of youth indoctrinated on violence and trained to kill is the country’s youth power. Then it has illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons. It is also known that it actively encourages the terrorist groups to carry out attacks against other countries, including even the US; Its troops stationed in Afghanistan were a prime target for a long time.

It also as a state plans and executes terrorist attacks, principally against India, and Afghanistan. If this doesn’t fit the definition of a terrorist state, then what does? If this doesn’t invite international sanctions, then what does? If this doesn’t get the world leaders to condemn and then take concerted action against Pakistan, and especially its army, then what does?

To begin with, the United Nations must tell Prime Minister Sharif to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, withdraw all financial and political support to terrorist groups, and then come and appeal. Ask him not about one Bahadur Ali but scores of them whom Pakistan has trained and sent them to Kashmir to cause the kind of violence the Indian state has been witnessing in the recent times. His county must be held accountable for the unmitigated violence in Kashmir.