The Games Sharifs Play at PoK

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (file)

“League of Sharifs“ hoodwink people of  Pakistan occupied Kashmir….writes Manzoor Ahmed

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (file)
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (file)

A few days after Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared that he was waiting for the day to annex the Indian Kashmir, little did the gullible people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir know that he had duped them, once again,  by conducting and winning a sham elections.

It was his victory speech in Muzaffarabad  and he strutted around telling all that he had won, what the world now knows was a manipulated election, a fraud on the people of Pak occupied Kashmir. When they came to know of the fraud, the people were incensed and came out into the streets of Muzaffarabad and other towns in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir, chanting slogans against Sharif and burning the Pakistani flag.

This is not the first time the Kashmiris in Pakistan have been defrauded; they have been taken for a ride since 1948 when Pakistan had refused to vacate the area which it had occupied illegally by employing tribal militia to spearhead an attack on India. Since then, Pakistan had shown no interest either in the welfare of the people of the occupied Kashmir or in giving them the Constitutional right of a Pakistani citizen. As a result, the residents of the occupied Kashmir remain “people of the disputed region“, a second class category of citizens who do not enjoy the normal rights of a citizen of Pakistan in other parts of the country.

After the people of this “slave“ colony had protested for long, Punjabi-ruled Islamabad, and the Generals, Punjabi most of them, in Rawalpindi, decided to grant them “autonomy“ in the form of a government which Islamabad or Rawalpindi selects. To camouflage this autocratic rule, the Punjabi clique granted them “ democracy“ in the form of elections which the “masters“ ensured that were conducted and decided in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.
PAKISTAN-MIRANSHAH-NAWAZ SHARIF-VISITThis time around, the government of Pakistan decided to do the same because the people of Pak occupied Kashmir were disenchanted by the promises the Prime Minister had made when he came to power, with hope and optimism. But the people saw what Sharif and his men were doing—back to their old game of lining their pockets, or off-shore accounts while letting people live out their miserable lives. They were ready to teach the ruling party a lesson this time. Prime Minister Sharif’s party, Pakistan Muslim League (N), knew what was in store for them and had resorted to arm-twisting and violence on its opponents during the run up to the elections.

Sharif roped in the army also. It should not be a surprise that the army was too eager to help the Prime Minister who otherwise seem to be their arch enemy. The love-hate relationship between the two Sharifs, Nawaz and Raheel, are mere game plays to hoodwink the people and the world in general. Raheel Sharif obliged to his name sake and deployed close to 20000 troops in addition to even more heavy police bandobast to ensure that those who voted, voted as per the plan, their plan.

The army has its own axe to grind in the occupied territory which they had developed into a jihadi factory. All known terrorist groups funded and patronised by the army have its base in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The area has been the launching pad for terrorist operations targeting India; this is from where they send in their terrorists into Kashmir and smuggle out misguided young men, like Burhan Wani, to be trained as terrorists.

It was not that their plans were not known to the people. There were widespread protests during the electioneering; the political parties raised hue and cry and warned that the Sharif government had planned for massive rigging on the one-day poll on July 21. They were proved to be right. As Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went around the occupied territory on his victory lap, people who voted realised that he was not whom they voted. It was a massive fraud perpetrated on them. They rose up in protest, burnt flags and took out street marches to show how they have hoodwinked again.

Considering to the extent both the Sharif government and Pakistan Army had gone to defraud the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, it would not be surprising that this “League of Sharifs“ had triggered violence in Indian Kashmir to divert the attention of the people about their nefarious plans.

Having failed in winning over the people, he might have won the elections, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif now would do well to figure out how to stop his occupied territory of Kashmir returning to the Indian fold.