Chandraswami Speaking

Jagdacharya Shri Chandraswami

Hope you remember the powerful Swami of Narasimha Rao era? He is back in action with his predictions. He says India will become a super powerful nation in 2017

 Jagdacharya Shri Chandraswami
Jagdacharya Shri Chandraswami

Poverty and corruption are still rampant in India, but the world’s largest democracy is poised to rise to superpower status. Yes, its true India will soon become the Super powerful in the world and it is predicted by none other than Jagdacharya Shri Chandraswami who is known and very popular to his prediction and tantra –mantra knowledge.

Swami spoke to World News Network, and said , “India has seen considerable coverage of its potential of becoming a superpower and strongest nation in the world.”

He said, “After 2016, we’ll have political stability, till then there will be ups and downs. There are challenges, of course, political, cultural and economic factors could slow down or derail progress, government corruption could be harder to eradicate than imagined, and oversized economic ambitions could crash against the hard reality of poor infrastructure and widespread poverty. But I can see that the world needs another vision and India may reach its desired destination in a straight line or in the timeframe in 2017”.

The man is shrouded by so much mystery and that there is a lot more to him than what the world knows. He says, “I serve my people. I have never done anything wrong. I am born to help people and my life is dedicated to my friends and followers, who need my help.”

Wearing a sparkling white dhoti, kurta and silk angavastram, the tilak prominent on his forehead makes him different from others.

He said as you have seen all my previous predictions are correct now mark my words my prediction of India becoming superpower will come true.