Engineer Develops Chakra to Play Carnatic Music


IIT Graduate Develops Chakra to Play Carnatic Music . . . .  by Asian Lite News

Music is an expression of the divine. While some excel at it, some do not. But it does not mean that music is not for everyone. Music comes from the heart and touches the soul. Everyone can be involved in music in some way or the other. Believing in this idea, Mr L. S Ramesh, a student of IIT Madras has designed and developed an innovative Carnatic Music chakra. This chakra was developed after his research and hard work for the last six years.

This chakra provides a unique experience of playing Carnatic Music without having any knowledge about it. It enables everyone from the children to the elders to have a go with classical as well as Western music. This chakra has been appreciated by Music legends Dr.Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, Prince RamaVarma,Dr.S.P.Balasubramanyam and others.

The chakra is easy to play and use. One only needs to connect the dots and play the Ragas. “Each chakra represents 6 major ragas. Now all these can be played on your keyboard by yourself”, says Ramesh.

The Chakra is up for sale and can be bought by contacting Ramesh. Mr.Ramesh and his wife Mrs.Sridevi use the money generated from sale of this Sri Saraswathi 72 Melakarta chart to help underprivileged children through FACES (Food,Aid,Clothing,Education ,Shelter) a Service started by this couple.

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