Kanthi Arrives in Newcastle


British Keralites epic drama Kanthi will be staged in Newcastle on Saturday. The third staging of Kanthi is a combined venture of Vbeats UK, a London based art company, Kerala Cultural and Welfare Assocition, Croydon (KCWA) and Saroj Visual Media,  Newcastle

Date:4th June 2016 at 5pm
Venue details:Jubilee Theatre, St Nicholas Hospital, Jubilee Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3XT,  Newcastle

me as perumalayanManoj Siva’s Kanthi illustrates the conflicts a woman endures in her life and love, her dedication for its consummation and the betrayals encountered, which finally marks her downfall. Kanthi ,the imaginary character who is the embodiment of the spirit of freedom , liberty and women’s emancipation against social evils finds these ill fated women and leads them to a new world where there is equality in relationship and love  without betrayal, which is the ultimate freedom.

The play progresses with enacting segments from some of the much loved and super hit female oriented Malayalam films. Cinema is used as a medium of expression with skilful application of Remy Bertrand  Bertrand’s imprology techniques’s in theatre acting.

The songs and dance segments featured in the play are recreated with hardly any changes from the original films to give the audience maximum delight and a chance to relive the bygone times they saw on screen.

kanthi ukmalayalee 2The highlight of this much appreciated play is the high standards displayed by a group of highly motivated amateurs. Nurses, students, pharmacists, and many other professionals from different walks of life all over UK , have put their forces together to accomplish one man’s dream – of portraying ‘Kanthi’ where man and woman complements and completes each other with their love and equality.

“We dedicate this drama as a loving homage to the fond memories of our beloved Kalabhavan Mani, a great actor ,musician and a greater human being,” Manoj told Asian Lite.

Vbeats UK, KCWA and Saroja Visual Media cordially invite you to the theatre extravaganza of Kanthi, a musical drama in Malayalam.
Date:4th June 2016 at 5pm
Venue details:Jubilee Theatre, St Nicholas Hospital, Jubilee Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3XT

kanthiiii teamnnmnmConceived and directed by Shiva Manoj
Music composed By :Sachin Shankor Mannath 
Lyrics by :Meera Kamala

Mira Mani
Simon Abel
Siva Kumar
Mini Cimy
Smitha nair

kanthi rrrrrrKaviya nair
Jiby Gopalan
Balu B Pillai
Kalamandalam Sruthi
Bruno Wilfred Wilfred
Ambili Kuryan
Mahesh Vyas
Cimy George George
Shah VH
kanthi ukmalayalee 2Suprabha P Naira
Vivek Balakrishnan
Gopi Nair Nair
Rajitha Nandakishor
Beiby Kurian Kurian
Jathin Thomas Thomas
Tibin S Lal
Lo Saji Saji
Mithun Mohan
Pavithran Damodarann
Jijo Kottakkal

Light and Sound :Jas LiveDigital LiveDigital

Marketing and Media :Jiby Gopalann,Vignesh Vyas,Biju

Karakkonam,Akhil Kithu,Jayaraj Damodaran

Coordinator:Sarika Ambili,Jiby Gopalan,Nazeer Babu ,K Muhammed Hashim
.kanthi ukmalayalee

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