Kerala Mimic Creates Ripples in London


Mithun Krishnan, a mimicry artiste from the southern state of Kerala, is a rising star in London theatre scene….writes Rajitha Saleem

Mithun Krishnan
Mithun Krishnan

“Almost everyone in this world nurtures a hope to be on stage or screen at some point of their life,” says an upcoming Malayalam theatre artist Mithun Krishnan, while recounting his experiences during the making of `Kanthi,’ an acclaimed drama directed by Manoj Shiva.

A mimicry artiste from the southern state of Kerala in India, Mithun had won awards during the state youth festivals and came to UK with dreams to convert his skills to something big. He had acted in many skits and dramas organised by various cultural organisations amongst the Indian diaspora in UK.

“Most of what I had done was one-man shows. But, it is only when you work together with people with different ideas on a common platform will you realise the effort it takes to weave a common dream and bring it into realisation,” added Mithun.

As the adaptation of Iago in Kaliyattom (an adaptation of Othello)
As the adaptation of Iago in Kaliyattom (an adaptation of Othello)

He admits that the 3-4 months he spent rehearsing and working on Kanthi has helped him realise the importance of the craft of direction. He adds that the work had made him respect women more as Kanthi explores the travails a woman has to undergo in the name of love during her life.

“Working on this drama helped me to realise the value and sacrifice women have to make for love which was the case for centuries,” added Mithun.

Mithun dedicates the success of his various roles in Kanthi to his mother, a Malayalam language teacher who doctored and revised his diction for the characters he portrayed on stage. Trained as a business graduate from the Kensington College of Business, Mithun hopes to further his experiences with more roles in stage productions and script work in the future.

Mithun tries to balance his work as a Warehouse Manager in a Pharmacy with his work and dedicating all his spare time to drama and scripting.