Malyalees Rock Manchester


Tens of thousands of people lined the streets  to experience the city-wide celebration of Manchester’s achievements in science and discovery with this year’s theme – EUREKA!….reports Asian Lite News. Pics by Mark Waugh and Sony Chacko

Manchester Day Parade 2016 - @C Sony Chacko
Manchester Day Parade 2016 – @C Sony Chacko

Indian community among 80 forums participated in the 2016 Manchester parade. A plot from the Manchester Malayalee Association depicting the cultural heritage of south Indian state of Kerala grabs the attention of the audience. The green Kathakali looms of the Manchester skyline.

The huge crowds created a festival atmosphere as they enjoyed the fantastic floats, amazing costumes, musicians. One of the stars of show, along with all the other participating groups, was this year’s Manchester Day mascot, Albot². The time-travelling robot has been zipping through time meeting notable scientists and visiting amazing discoveries through history.

Highlights included Archimedes, the Eureka! moment man himself, sitting in his bath tub, a creation led by Fi Smith and Jo Foley in collaboration with Handmade Parade and St Oswald’s Primary School.

A new feature for 2016 was the WoW Crowd, a group of individuals not connected to any community group who came together to work in collaboration with a choreographer to form their own performance piece within the parade, and wearing costumes made as part of their collaborative project.

Manchester Day Parade 2016 - @C Sony Chacko
Manchester Day Parade 2016 – @C Sony Chacko

Another great new element of this year’s parade was ‘The Eureka! Moment’, choreographed by Ruth Jones, and designed to give the public the chance to feel part of the big event.  Staged throughout the day and promoted virally on social media and in the Manchester Evening News, ‘The Eureka! Moment’ became a fun, four move moment for celebrating discovery.

Now customary for Manchester Day, the event spilled over filling the public squares as the creative canvass was stretched across the city centre for the afternoon. The crowds were spoilt by a spell-binding array of performance and entertainment – along with delicious food – in Great Northern Square, Albert Square, New Cathedral Street and Exchange Square.

In Albert Square audiences were treated to an innovative new performance piece –  ‘Come Pain or Shine,’ an aerial circus show made in collaboration between Arthritis UK and local community circus organisation Circus House. Inspired by the ARUK’s Citizen Science project ‘Cloudy with a chance of pain’, the performance was influenced by the collection of data from the audience on their experience of pain in different parts of their bodies.

The Brain Box exhibition in town hall provided budding young scientists a fascinating glimpse into the inner working of the brain with hands on experiments and curios. Thousands of people crammed in to the historic building during the collaboration between the city’s universities and other organisations.

Manchester Day Parade 2016 - @C Mark Waugh
Manchester Day Parade 2016 – @C Mark Waugh

Commissioned by Manchester City Council, and produced by local outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank, Manchester Day is now in its seventh successful year and has evolved into so much more than a parade.  The driving principle behind this hugely popular civic celebration is inclusivity and participation, with contributions from groups representing the city’s diverse spectrum of cultures as well as people with disabilities. The event has also attracted internationally renowned artists and guests from other countries, including Ireland, Italy and Bulgaria, who have come to see how Manchester puts on such a big show or be part of the action.


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