AMARAVATI: Cyber Naidu betting on the right horse


Jagdish Vemuri analyses the new capital city project of Dr Chandra Babu Naidu. Amaravati the City of 21st Century – Cyber Naidu betting on the right horse ?

Jagdish AIt was a privilege and pleasure spending most part of last evening with friends and well wishers of Andhra Pradesh in One Great George street Westminster the James Miller designed and grade II listed Edwardian building, the global Head quarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers(ICE), listening to and watching the eloquent and articulate CM of AP Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu (CBN) also called Cyber Naidu , the builder of the modern city of Cyberabad the most powerful economic engine of united Andhra Pradesh.

He was in London to promote Amaravati as the City of 21st Century and attract investors from UK . It was really heartening to see CBN achieve a quick turn around in the mood of the people , despite the blues and scars of a unjust bifurcation, to motivate them to think positively and look ahead for a great future and get on with developing the state of Andhra Pradesh . Needless to say this stirred a hornet’s nest of emotion’s in me making me blog some of my thoughts are here.

Amaravati the City of 21st Century competing globally and serving locally

An artist's impression of Amaravati
An artist’s impression of Amaravati

Amaravati as a most modern city of India will just not be a superb collection of structures of glass and steel and network of road , water and railway’s but should be an Icon of the spirit of enterprise , culture and heritage , aspirations and should embody the values that define people of Andhra .

Amaravati as a capital should compete globally to attract people to invest in Andhra and be capable of defining a framework of engines which drive various sectors of state economy and deliver a prosperous and socially harmonious environment to the people of Andhra Pradesh .

Amaravati should also provide an emotional security and protect the future of people of AP and heal psyche of the people on whom were inflicted the scars of betrayal and exploitation of the past(Chennai, Hyderabad) .

Amaravati –The evolving Horse for the evolving Course
To be able to compete globally and successfully attract people to Amaravati to invest in AP It needs to understand , recognise thing’s to do differently and be seen as a differentiator . A point to make here is Amaravati should not ape and emulate a Dubai or a London or a Chicago or a Singapore and be driven by how the developmental needs of needs of the state evolve and thus evolve itself to meet that requirement and just be Amaravati for Andhra Pradesh.

Once the factors that distinguish Amaravati are understood and evolved , they need to promoted and socialised among people we wish to attract . Practicing the concept of “experience economy” a phrase perhaps adapted from the experience of customer delight employed in service Industry is extremely critical to creating the Amaravati experience . The journey of “experience economy” goes beyond the regular experience , rather it will involve creating and tailoring a string of experiences unique to our place and helping create a bespoke experience leading to successful economic interest.

Amaravati the Gateway – Designing and Architecting the growth of Andhra Pradesh
By emerging as the Icon of AP and enabling the experiential economic trigger Amaravati should become the gateway to Andhra Pradesh and architect and design the different economic growth engines for Andhra Pradesh .
CBN and his A team should not be tempted to design Amaravati itself as urban growth engine leading to a disaster similar to one in Hyderabad and many other states of India and not learning from the mistakes of the past .

Amaravati should play to the strengths of Andhra and design and build engines for economic growth like ports and shipping , Agrarian growth engines like Agri-exports by increasing farm productivity , setting up food processing and export centres and attracting investments developing Marine economic engine ,to be the exporter of choice to the world for these products.

An artist's impression of Amaravati
An artist’s impression of Amaravati

The vast areas rich in mineral wealth should be powered up by investments to process them up the value chain and tap world markets for local prosperity . The huge educational capacity should be reformed to bridge the capability gap to meet global expectations , revvup the skill economy engine and emerge as the skills provider of choice to various nations .

All this economic engine design should be preceded by design of support engines like power, Infrastructure including projects like Polavaram , river linking , inland water transport etc , health and education, welfare and skill development, by leveraging and augmenting various schemes of centre which are already being done in some sectors .

In conclusion I would say, having keenly observed and followed the shrewd Chanakya and salesman that CBN is for many years now, I am sure he is creating the experience called Amaravati to rally people around him and make them become partners in development of AP and to attract and shepherd investment into various sectors of AP and in the interest of AP and its future will only use Amaravati as a means to the end and not the end in itself .