The problem with English


Reports says English unsafe language to communicate crucial data

Hamlet Skull Shakespeare mentalEnglish language was the highest spam sending language in 2015 with 84.1 percent spammers using it for cyber-attack followed by Chinese (2.6 percent) and German (1.7 percent) on second and third spots, a report by Trend Micro Incorporated said.

Trend Micro Incorporated released its annual security roundup report that dissected the most significant security incidents from 2015.

It said that people need to constantly update the systems to protect against new attacks.

“The first quarter of 2016 clearly showed we need to also watch out for older threats and how no industry or system should feel exempt. After all who would have thought that language is also something to worry about from cyber threats perspective!” the report said.

The research confirms attackers are now bolder, smarter and more daring in attack vectors, cyber-espionage efforts and cyber underground activity on a global basis.

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network blocked over 52 billion threats in 2015 — a 25 percent decrease from 2014.

This decrease is consistent with the downward trend of system infections since 2012, caused by attackers who have become more selective of their targets as well as the shift in technologies they use.

Trend Micro Incorporated is a security software company headquartered in Japan.