2016: Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions!


The first week of 2016 is the toughest week of the year to  stick with your resolutions. Asian Lite’s Kanwal Toor compiles an update on Londoners New Year Resolutions

Beating the drumsI absolutely love new beginnings! They give you a chance to forget your mistakes, learn from them and move on! That’s exactly what the New Year does to a lot of us – I would guess! New Horizons, new goals, old goals with new vigour, new ideas – forgetting the nonsense which might linger on from last year and muddy are thoughts. When that clock hits 12 on New Year’s Eve, new hopes emerge and a bright light shines! My New Year’s Resolution ( I do stick by them – well, most of them) are – Look at the Bigger Picture, Family Fist, No madcap decisions, do your bit and the let the dogs bark!

Well, after doing some research on the net – Here are the top ten resolutions which most of select – whether or not any one follows them is a different ball game.

1. Spend more time with family friends.

2.  Fit in Fitness

3.  Tame the Bulge

4.  Quit Smoking

5.  Enjoy Life More

6.  Quit Drinking

7.  Get Out of Debt

8.  Learn Something New

9.  Help Others

10.  Get Organised. Which of these did you pick?? I asked a few Londoners what there NEW YEAR must do list contains and this is what they had to say:

Anila Dhami – TV Hostess

Anila Dhami – TV Hostess
Anila Dhami – TV Hostess

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I believe that time is continuous and the term ‘New Year’ is manmade. I also believe that every second is new which means you always have a chance to set new goals and resolutions.

I started mine in October 2015 after fulfilling all of my goals by then because – well why wait until January 1st?! Seize the day I say – and set small, achievable targets throughout the year so you’re more likely to fulfil them!”

Rubuna Kapoor – Designer

Rubuna Kapoor – Designer
Rubuna Kapoor – Designer

My resolution for 2016 is to focus on my mind/soul and Work harder to bring my brand RK to next level internationally.

I often forget about relaxing and to connect with myself during the course of year. So this year will be more to focus on balancing both. Finding time for self and working harder.

Faz Zia – Entrepreneur

Faz Zia – Entrepreneur, with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan
Faz Zia – Entrepreneur, with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan

I stopped making any resolution for years now – because I couldn’t complete it.  So no goals – live day by day. You don’t know what is due, may be some great things and you actually land up setting small goals!

The overall feeling seems to be that very few stick to their resolutions and lot of us might not even bother – each day is a promise to oneself. To become better, happier etc etc! Also let’s face it, it’s difficult to follow promises, but not impossible.

According to Forbes the best way (as psychologist suggests) you can hold on to your resolutions are:

1 clearly defining your goals.

2. Track your progress.

3. Have patience

4. Publicise your goals to friends and family. 

5. Put it on your schedule.

6. Stop “all or nothing” thinking; it’s better do something than nothing.

 7. Get up, when you slip up. Whether or not you have made a promise to yourself this year – You’ve got to live life, fight the odds and come on top of your game! Here is wishing you the Best and a happy 2016!!!


Kanwal Toor

Kanwal Toor

(Kanwal Toor MA Psychology – Kanwal is a former Miss India International. She is mother of two & Founder/Trustee of Collective for women and children)