Birmingham Renews Safe Living Standards


Birmingham city introduces new reforms against anti-social behaviour. . . . reports Asian Lite News

The Birmingham City Councillors along with The Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) have issued serious orders for those engaged in anti-social behaviour in the public. Certain areas like East Side and Dale End in Birmingham have been made Zero-Tolerance Zones. Heavy penalties would be levied on those who would break the rules to engage into anti-social behaviour.

The PSPO have marked certain acts and activities as anti- social. They are verbally abusing, damage to properties and shops, sexual harassment, graffiti and vandalism, substance abuse, consumption of alcohol and smoking. Apart from these, skateboarding and lighting fireworks in restricted areas are also punishable.

If anyone is found guilty of committing any of the above mentioned activities, they would be liable to pay a fine of £100. Repeated offenders could also be presented in front of the prosecution and can be punished further down the line. The locals can report of such behaviour by calling on certain help- lines. The West Midlands Police can be contacted on 101 or 999 during an emergency; that apart, crime can also be reported anonymously by calling the Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

In fighting anti-social behaviour, the local councillors have contributed greatly. They have heard each and every complaint and have taken every possible action to make the city a better place for its local communities. For them, providing a high quality and standard of life to the locals is on top of their charts.

Rob James, Service Director for Housing Transformation at Birmingham City Council added: “These orders are an important tool in tackling anti-social behaviour and will provide support for both council and police officers when confronting those people that try to cause nuisance behaviour. I hope that these orders will help bring some protection to the wider community and allow those who live and work in the local area to go about their daily lives without being faced with harassment and intimidation.”

These newly passed laws against anti-social behaviour strives to make Birmingham a better place to live in and extends to give its people quality living standards, free of nuisance and harassment , something that every citizen deserves.