BMA leader slams Vote Leave


Dr Mark Porter, Chair of the BMA, slams Vote Leave’s ‘farcical and fatuous’ claims about the NHS

NHS HospitalDr Mark Porter, the chair of the UK’s doctors’ union the British Medical Association, has attacked ‘farcical and fatuous’ claims about the NHS and immigration by the Leave campaign.

Responding to claims by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove that the NHS would enjoy more funding after a vote to leave, Porter said: “It’s beyond irresponsible. It relies on the unknowable assumption that the United Kingdom’s economy will be the same size, and the money would still be available.”

Health experts and politicians from across party lines have criticised Vote Leave for their false claims on the NHS.

Commenting on this, Sarah Wollaston MP and Chair of the House of Commons Health Select Committee, said: “Vote Leave’s central claim about the NHS simply isn’t true. A strong NHS needs a strong economy and our economy will be stronger if we remain in Europe.

“As the powerful editorial in the British Medical Journal pointed out there is not one prominent national medical, research, or health organisation that supports a vote to leave the EU. The claims from Vote Leave are misleading and people casting their vote on Thursday with the NHS in mind should be in no doubt that our health and research are better off if we remain members of the EU.”

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