‘BoJo risks political career’


Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, says  his son’s decision is a career risk


Mayor of London Boris Johnson opens Sports Hall 3Stanley Johnson, the former Conservative MEP and MP, rejected reports his son’s decision was part of a wider political calculation in an ambition to become the Tory leader.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Stanley Johnson said: “Honestly to say this is a careerist move would be a total travesty. I can’t think of a more career-ending move than do to do what he did yesterday. He’s leaving the mayoralty in May, if he wanted to get a nice job in the Cabinet on May 8 this is certainly not the way to do it.

“What Boris has done – and I, by the way, don’t think I agree with this – but what he has done is put on the table what the real issue is and the real issue is do the British people accept the loss of sovereignty that entails being part of the EU.”

The charismatic London mayor on Sunday said that after a “huge amount of heartache” he had decided to go against David Cameron and campaign to leave the EU. “I will be advocating vote leave – or whatever the team is called, I understand there are a lot of them – because I want a better deal for the people of this country, to save them money and to take control. That is really what this is all about.”