BREXIT = £100 bn + 950,000 jobs


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) warns that leaving Europe could cause a significant economic shock to Britain, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs and denting the UK economy….reports Asian Lite News

Great-BritainThe CBI’s  analysis undertaken by PwC showing that leaving the EU could cost the UK economy £100bn and 950,000 jobs by 2020. Britain Stronger In Europe analysis of business surveys has shown that businesses both large and small overwhelmingly back Britain remaining in the EU.

Commenting on the study, Lucy Thomas, Deputy Director of Stronger In, said: “This report is yet another clear indicator of the dangerous gamble that leaving Europe would be for people’s jobs, prices in the shops and Britain’s economy.

“Following similar warnings from leading banks, economists, credit agencies and business groups, it is clear that Britain’s economy is stronger in Europe. Inside the EU, British firms can export tariff-free to the world’s largest single market and Britain benefits from increased inward investment. That supports jobs, trade and lower prices for British people at home – and it’s why British businesses both large and small overwhelmingly back Britain remaining in Europe.

“With the leave campaign’s half-baked claims about what Out would look like falling apart, it’s clear no alternative to EU membership would leave Britain with an economy as strong as we have now. The Leave campaigns need to come clean and admit that they cannot guarantee that leaving won’t put British jobs and the financial security of British people at risk.”