Britain To Decide Its Future Today


As the polling to decide on Britain’s future will begin at 7 am, campaign leaders appeal to voters….reports Asian Lite News

EU Vote - Operation Black VotePrime Minister David Cameron, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn among senior leaders appeal to voters to use their franchise to Remain in the EU.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Justice Secretary Michael Gove and Indian Diaspora Champion Priti Patel are on the Brexit camp.

“Labour is united behind a vote to Remain in the European Union. I’ve been leading the Labour In For Britain campaign for nine months, touring the UK to make Labour’s case to Remain. Tomorrow, the journey comes to an end and the vote takes place,” former cabinet minister Alan Johnson said in a statement.  “Some of you may not have made up your minds yet, or not made plans to go to the polls. I wanted to urge you to be a part of history, and to make a choice to protect British jobs, workers’ rights, our NHS and Britain’s role in the world.”

Farage Postert UKIP“The past few months has been an incredible journey. The campaign to Vote Leave has brought together people from all parties and none,” Priti Patel said. “It is truly uplifting to have been a part of the people’s movement which has fought hard to end discrimination in immigration and to take back control of our laws and our democracy.
“On Thursday, British people and hundreds of thousands of Commonwealth citizens living here in the UK will get the chance to decide the future of our great country. This historic referendum is your opportunity to have a real say on how you want the UK to be run.
“There are many reasons why we should leave the European Union – its bloated bureaucracy, its control over our lives and laws, or the sheer cost of being a member. But if there’s one thing that our 2.3 billion friends in the Commonwealth should be aware of, it is that the EU discriminates against people from outside the EU.

Meanwhile, over a thousand business leaders signed an open letter in “The Times” newspaper urging voters to opt to remain in the EU.”

Entrepreneur Richard Branson and former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg featured on the list of signatories.

“Leaving the EU would lead to uncertainty for our companies, less trade with Europe and fewer jobs”, they said. “The smallest businesses and their employees are particularly vulnerable to any sudden change that could occur in the economy.”

Vote Leave campaigner and leader of the UK Independence Party UKIP, Nigel Farage, said Thursday’s referendum represented the struggle between the “people and the Establishment.”

“The established power is very, very afraid of this vote.” He said it would do “everything it can to win.”

Farage said Britain “can improve, tomorrow we can vote for real change, we can vote to take back our country, we can vote to take back our borders.”

The Leave campaign has faced criticism in recent days after the unveiling of its ‘Breaking Point’ poster which showed migrants queuing up at the Slovenian border. It was criticized as xenophobic.

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