Brussels Airport Cancels Flights


50 flights cancelled at Brussels airport due to strike . . . . by Asian Lite News

Fifty flights from Brussels airport were cancelled on Wednesday due to a strike by the air traffic controllers, the airport said in a statement.

“Some 50 flights cancelled on Wednesday morning due to issue with Belgo-control. If actions continue, more flight cancellations are to be expected,” Efe news agency cited Brussels airport as tweeting.

The Brussels airport gradually resumed flights on April 3 after the March 22 terror attacks that left 34 people dead.

Since then, around 225 flights take off and 225 flights land every day.

The authorities on Tuesday cancelled 100 flights and diverted seven others abroad, especially to the German city of Dusseldorf.

Belgium’s Charleroi and Liege airports have not been affected by the strike during the early hours on Wednesday.