Busting The Myth Behind Friday the 13th


Two professors go on to publish a research paper defying all superstitions regarding Friday the 13th. . . . by Asian Lite News

Friday the 13th has been a topic of debates and discussion regarding the occult for years. In fact, on a closer looks at times house numbers have a ‘13’ missing from them. At times, hotels do not have a thirteenth floor. But is it all because of a single number or because of the blind belief attached to it?

Professor Dr Jan Fidrmuc from the University of Brunel London and Dr Tena from the University of Liverpool have published a paper busting the myth behind this ‘unlucky’ date. According to Professor Fidrmuc, “Commonly the bad luck is attributed to Jesus being crucified on a Friday and there being 13 at the Last Supper, one of whom went on to betray him.

They had made an exhaustive study of about four million individuals. This data was derived from the UK Labour Force Survey. They then went on to check the birth dates, wages, marital life, education and other statistics before coming to the conclusion that those born on a 13 or on Friday the 13th have also been equally successful as those born on other dates.

The authors conclude their paper: “Overall…results suggest that those born on the 13th or on a Friday the 13th need not lose much sleep over the inauspicious circumstances of their birth.”


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