Celebrating 10 Yrs. of Bhavishya- The Future


Asian Lite News joins Nikhil Kaushik, the producer of  Bhavishya-The future, a film that recounts medical migration . . . .

Nikhil Kaushik
Nikhil Kaushik

The State of the Art KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad, was an unlikely setting to celebrate a decade of the film “Bhavishya- The Future”; that I produced in 2006. But there I was, pleasantly surprised to be invited to a symposium focusing on Professional migration, acknowledging Drs Raghu and Vyjayanthi’s dedicated service and celebrating a decade of the film Bhavishya-The Future.

Trained in the National Health Service in the UK, Raghu and Vyjayanthi had a choice to make between a promising career in the British NHS or to return to their native Hyderabad to take up the challenges of starting a professional life and make a difference to the healthcare in their home-town.

There are aspects in the film that reflected the thoughts and considerations of Raghu and Vyjayanathi, that they faced in making a choice between pursuing a life in the UK or India.

Raghu Ram
Raghu Ram

A decade later Raghu and Vyjayanthi proudly showed me around the State of the Art KIMS hospitals, with Raghu having conceived, designed and established KIMS-USHALAXMI Centre for Breast Diseases, the subcontinent’s first free standing purpose built comprehensive Breast Health Centre, while Dr Vyjayanthi heads the single largest fertility Centre in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

Their dedicated approach in establishing the Breast Health Centre and the fertility Centre within the KIMS Hospitals is widely recognized and much valued by the state with Raghu becoming the youngest surgeon ever from Telgu States and one of the youngest doctors in India to be conferred the highest civilian award of “Padam Shri”, by the Hon’ble president of India in 2015.

A well attended symposium, heard from several participants from medical as well as other professions, detailing difficulties they faced on their return to India as well as the joy of being back in their home-town.

Most speakers spoke highly of the NHS and value their association and time spent in the UK.

As Indians speak  good about the British NHS, it is a food for thought that people in the UK are not very satisfied with it. Many of the senior professionals feel marginalized and junior trainees feel undervalued. In despondence many are considering resigning and emigrating!

Perhaps the story of Raghu and Vyjayanthi and many others like them will serve to reinforce the message from the film ‘Bhavishya-The Future’ that the Future is not a ready-made fixed point and that professional medical migration will always remain relevant to the benefit of global health!

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