Channel 4 criticises rave comments on Muslim presenter


Kelvin Mackenzie’s comments about Muslim news presenter are ‘tantamount to religious hatred’, says Channel 4, reports Asian Lite News

Channel 4 has condemned Sun columnist Kelvin Mackenzie for questioning why a Muslim presenter wearing a hijab should report on the Nice attacks, calling his comments “offensive” and “completely unacceptable”.

‘It is wrong to suggest that a qualified journalist should be barred from reporting on a particular story or present on a specific day because of their faith,’ Channel 4 is reported to have said.Fatima Manji 1

Mr Mackenzie, a former editor of the Sun, wrote that he “couldn’t believe his eyes” when Muslim news journalist Fatima Manji presented coverage of the terror attack. In a statement, Channel 4 is believed to have said, “The comments published in the Sun today by Mr MacKenzie are offensive, completely unacceptable, and arguably tantamount to inciting religious and even racial hatred. We are proud that she is part of our team and will receive, as ever, our full support in the wake of his comments.”

Baroness Warsi tweeted a letter she sent to the Sun’s editor Tony Gallagher criticising the “divisive column’ . Mr Mackenzie wrote,  “The presenter was not one of the regulars —Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Matt Frei or Cathy Newman — but a young lady wearing a hijab. Was it appropriate for her to be on camera when there had been yet another shocking slaughter by a Muslim?”

“Would the C4 editor have used a Hindu to report on the carnage at the golden Temple of Amritsar? Of course not.”Fatima Manji