Conservative Friends of Pakistan’s tips to become an MP


Some tips to become a successful from the MPs themselves, writes Kanwal Toor

Conservative Friends of Pakistan hosted `the journey to becoming an MP,’ an event attended by Nusrat Ghani MP and James Cleverly MP.

MP Nusrat spoke of her journey–how she started as an activist, her ordeals, and of the people who helped her in her journey. She also gave a brief on the kind of potential questions one can expect in the Parliamentary Assessment Board (PAB). Nusrat highlighted the importance of being `different’ and standing out.94268394-421b-40a9-bf40-75e4ec328d28

MP James Cleverly spoke with his usual wit and humor when he spoke of his journey, his constituency and the number of times he `failed’ before he could actually became an MP in 2015. He explained how important `being useful’ to the party was. He said, ”To be able to become an MP, one should be confident and `cocky’.”

Post the brief speeches there was Q&A from the audiences. The MPs informed that activism and campaigning could happen in any part of the country and does not have to be restricted to their area, in an answer to a query about lazy associations. James replied that there was no rule that the ladder to get to parliament which was first to be a governor – be a Councilor – and then an MP has to be followed. He added that anyone with potential and attitude could attempt to become an MP.

Other attendees included officers from the Conservative candidates department, activists, and GLA candidate Amandeep Bhogal.