Counter Terrorism Training Ends in Success


The Counter Terrorism Training in UK makes defenders upgrade their skills for future use. . . . by Asian Lite News

The recent Counter Terrorism Training ended in North West last night. Given the recent turn of events with many terrorist attacks all over the world, it is of immense necessity to upgrade skills in dealing with terrorism activities. This three days training ended successfully last night. Various regional and national organisations took part in it. Special mock terrorist attacks were made in order to skill the defenders and provide them training in various situations.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “This has been a huge undertaking involving thousands of people over three days and has put all agencies under pressure to test our responses. Recent events in Paris, Brussels and around the world have shown us that the response from agencies has to be robust if we are to save lives. I want to ensure we are ready to protect the people of Greater Manchester and the UK if the unthinkable was to happen.”

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