Elders Prefer Quality Retirement Housing


Study shows that elders in the UK and those nearing retirement age prefer quality retirement housing . . . . reports Asian Lite News

According to a latest study conducted, the elders and those nearing retirement in the UK prefer to live in quality retirement housing. companionship and community feeling are the two most important needs of the elderlies. they believe that these can be best found at retirement housing. It is also because, such houses or communities consists of those people who have similar mentality and thought process. everyone has lived half way through their lives and had their share of happiness and sorrows. In the retirement housing they prefer to peacefully spend the rest of their lives.

Interestingly, it has also been concluded via the survey that the consumers are willing to pay the price for the retirement housing, even it is expensive. That is because they see it as a one-time investment to live happily after their retirement. Further, older people of the family need their own space at times.

Neil Smith, Group Research & Innovation Manager at NHBC, said: “Our research found that there is a high demand for more retirement homes in the UK. Many people are keen to downsize from larger homes to retirement properties, but there is a lack of suitable options.

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