Emirates Launches Daily Flights to Dubai

Emirates Flights

The Birmingham Airport teams up with Emirates and launches three daily direct flights to Dubai. . . . reports Asian Lite News

Emirates teams up with Birmingham Airport to launch its newest flight A380 connecting Birmingham to Dubai. This is deemed to be the world’s largest passenger airliner service.

Emirates would be plying three daily flights to and fro from Birmingham. The plane would consist of six hundred and fifteen seats which include an increased capacity of two hundred and fifteen seats from its previous flights. The plane would also consist of a two -class capacity.

Birmingham is the thirty- eighth destination where Emirates has launched its service. This news service would be increasing connectivity to over a hundred and fifty destinations. According to Alison Gabrielle, a passenger on the inaugural flight to Birmingham: “As a Bollywood cellist I fly to Asia and the Middle East almost on a monthly basis. I live twenty minutes from Birmingham Airport, so being able to fly on an A380 from so close to home means that I can travel in even more comfort during my work trips.”

The first flight would depart from the Birmingham Airport at 7:35 am in the morning arriving at the Dubai International Airport around 12:20 noon. These direct flights from Birmingham to Dubai have shortened the distances between both the places. With an increased seating capacity on a daily basis, this service is sure to attract more and more passengers.

This is seen as a crucial connection between both the countries. In fact, this would provide an impetus to tourism, trade and even business. Hundreds of tourists would get a simple opportunity to reach their destinations through this new service. Business trips to Birmingham and Dubai had never been easier and comfortable before.

Thus, the new flight services would help in bridging the distances of both the countries and make flying comfortable and reasonable.