EXCLUSIVE: Rami Ranger Supports IN Campaign

Dr Rami Ranger

Dr Rami Ranger CBE, one of the most influential British-Asian businessmen, supports Prime Minister David Cameron’s IN Campaign….reports Kaliph Anaz

Dr Rami Ranger
Dr Rami Ranger

Dr Ranger, the winner of six Queen’s Award for business enterprise and export, said the Indian community will unite behind Cameron for the success of the IN campaign.

Dr Ranger, chairman of the Sunmark Group of companies, told Asian Lite that he will unite like minded people from the British-Asian community to support the IN campaign. His products are exporting to over 125 countries across the world. Dr Ranger, one of the richest Asian in the country, also holds key positions in several community organisations.

Dr Ranger’s decision will prompt many British-Asians to come forward to join the IN camp.

Dr Ranger’s support will be a boost in the arm for Cameron. The prime minister’s Indian Diaspora Champion Priti Patel MP, Employment Minister in the cabinet, is vehemently campaigning for Brexit. In a statement she said UK-India relations would receive a huge boost if the UK left the EU.

“Over the last forty years the UK’s membership of the EU has acted as a barrier to developing trade and investment partnerships with the rest of the world, including India. Remaining within the EU will mean the UK will be in a weaker position to forge the closer trading ties that would benefit the Indian and UK economies,” said Priti.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Dr Rami Ranger and Priti Patel MP
BOOST IN THE ARM: Dr Rami Ranger with Prime Minister David Cameron and Priti Patel MP

“Within the EU we do not have our own trade policy and have suffered as a result of the EU’s protectionist instincts and inward-looking and outdated looking approach to global politics. But by leaving the EU we can take back control over this vital area of policy. We can focus more on global trade and strengthening our relations with the Commonwealth and other countries. Importantly, an independent Britain free from the EU can ensure that we realise the full potential of our special relationship with India.”

But FICCI, representing over 250,000 companies from various regional chambers of commerce in India, said UK is a gateway for Indian businesses to Europe.

“The UK is a valued economic partne¬r for India and we firmly believe that ¬leaving the EU, would create considerabl¬e uncertainty for Indian businesses enga¬ged with UK and would possibly have an a¬dverse impact on investment and movement¬ of professionals to the UK”, said Dr A Didar Singh, Secretary General¬, FICCI.

“Britain is considered an entry point an¬d a gateway for the European Union by many ¬Indian companies, a view echoed by Prime¬ Minister Modi in his visit to UK in Nov¬ember last year. While deciding on memb¬ership of the EU is a sovereign matter f¬or Britain and its people, Indian indust-ry is of the view that foreign businesse¬s cannot remain isolated from such decis¬ions.”

Cameron is taking hi IN campaign to various cities across the country. He said the vote in favour to remain in the EU on June 23 is very crucial for the economic stability and security of the country.
“This is a decision, though, that lasts for life. We make this decision, and it’s probably going to be the only time in our generation when we make this decision,” Cameron said. “And I was determined to make sure the British people had the very best possible decision. So what I’ve done for the last 9 months is to try and sort out some of the things that people are frustrated with, with the European Union. Because it’s not a perfect organisation; no organisation is perfect.”

….When all is said and done, it’s not going to be me that makes the choice; it’s going to be all of you. This is a referendum where every single vote counts the same. But I just make two final pleas to you. First of all, I think what we can have now is the best of both worlds. Inside the bits of the EU that work for us, inside the single market, inside the political cooperation to get things done, inside those things that keep us safe against terrorists and criminals, but not in the single currency, not in the Schengen no-borders system, not in an ever-closer political union. We have the best of both worlds.

….I feel with all I’ve seen in the last 6 years as your Prime Minister, the right decision is to stay in a reformed EU. I have no other agenda. I’m not standing as your Prime Minister at the next election. I’m simply going to speak for the next four months about the advantages I see of staying in and the dangers of coming out. But in the end it will be your choice, the British people’s choice. If you choose to stay in, we know what we get. If you choose to leave, I will put in place the arrangements as your Prime Minister that you asked me to do. But my strong advice, with all that I’ve seen and all that I know, is the right thing for Britain is to stay in a reformed Europe and to cast that vote on 23 June.