Cross-party condemnation for “disgusting” UKIP refugee poster….reports Asian Lite News

Farage Postert UKIPA cross-party group of MPs have jointly slammed UKIP today following the launch of a highly offensive poster depicting a column of refugees and asylum seekers.

MPs from all four major parties – Tom Brake MP, Yvette Cooper MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Neil Carmichael MP – joined together to condemn the poster.

It comes in the same week as Leave.EU both using the Orlando killings in a campaign poster and mocking up Angela Merkel as Hitler in another poster.

It also follows a widely criticised Vote Leave poster claiming that “Britain’s new border is with Syria and Iraq”.

Yvette Cooper, Labour MP for Pontefract and Castleford, said: “Just when you thought leave campaigners couldn’t stoop any lower, they are now exploiting  the misery of the Syrian refugee crisis in the most dishonest and immoral way.

“Europe didn’t cause the Syrian refugee crisis and pulling out of the EU won’t stop people fleeing conflict and persecution by ISIS and the Assad regime.

“All countries have a moral responsibility to help whether they are in the EU or not and the only way to deal with it is for countries to work together.

“We rely on other EU countries doing asylum checks and coping with this crisis long before it ever reaches Britain’s shores – ripping up cooperation with the EU would make it much harder to stop the people smugglers, help refugees or prevent illegal migration. No country can cope with something like this alone.”

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “Using the innocent victims of a human tragedy for political propaganda is utterly disgusting. Farage is engaging in the politics of the gutter

“The refugee crisis has not been caused by the EU. It is a common challenge that all countries must deal with effectively and humanely – and that is far more possible inside the EU than out.”

Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington, said: “This is the biggest decision Britain will make in a generation. It’s a decision about whether Britain keeps engaged with Europe, with the trade, jobs and influence that brings – or if we indulge the UKIP vision of little England.

“It’s a shame that instead of engaging on the issues, Farage and his cronies have resorted to small minded fear tactics and xenophobia.”

Neil Carmichael, Conservative MP for Stroud, said: “It’s disappointing to see Ukip jumping on the refugee crisis to further their own political aims.

“Britain can only deal with the issue of immigration by working together with European countries that face the same challenges.

“Distasteful propaganda like this can only make our immigration challenges worse, not better, and damage community cohesion in Britain.”

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