Gita Bhavan Anniversary

Manchester Gita Bhavan Temple 28th anniversary

Gita Bhawan Hindu Temple in Manchester celebrates 28thanniversary with traditional pujas and ceremonies. Keeping in with the tradition of upholding cultural and religious values of its members and devotees, the temple authorities performed some grand religious ceremonies like Abishek and Havan.

The ceremony was stated with the traditional Ganesh Puja followed by Navgraha homa, a massive Gayatri Yagnya which was followed by the traditional Aarti and later with a scrumptuous vegetarian meal (Priti Bhojan) specially organised for the occasion. Shri Shri Swami Gopal Sharanji Maharaj led the ceremonies. Pandit Ranganath Shastri, Acharya Shyam Sundar, assisted the Guruji in the ceremonies. Temple Trustee Raj Kumar Kaushal was there to assist the gathering to participate in the religious ceremonies. PICS: Dr Sekhar Vemuri


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