GM Police Invests into Community Projects


The Greater Manchester distributes £37,000 of seized criminal money for community welfare projects in Salford . . . . reports Asian Lite News

The Greater Manchester Police Department has invested £37,000 into community projects in Salford. This funding was the result of seizing criminal money and putting them to judicious use in the society.

The community Piggy Bank Scheme allows individual or communities to pitch their requirements of funding from £1500. These pitches are then evaluated and the necessary funding is given to the people until all the money has been distributed to those who are in need of it. The Greater Manchester Police Department arranges such funding through the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Superintendent Mark Kenny suggests that by providing such funding, the money is redistributed among those who are in need of it; and it is also working towards the benefit of the society and not any criminal minds. According to the superintendent, ““To be able to give away this amount of money is amazing and through this event, organisations were able to network and find out how they could work with each other. I hope that projects that have received funding will benefit the community for years to come.”