Gurudev’s Guidance for British Hindus

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meets community leaders invited by the Hindu Forum of Britain
British Hindu Community seeks guidance from Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar….reports Asian Lite News
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meets community leaders invited by the Hindu Forum of Britain
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with leaders of Hindu Forum of Britain. (Front Row) : Shri Haribhai Halai -HFB, Dr.Lakshmi Vyas HFB, Mrs Trupti Patel HFB , Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji , Shri Yajur Shah-NHSF, Ragasudha Vinjamuri – HFB , Shri Shruti Dharmadas –ISKCON and Shri Ameet Aggarwval –AOL ; HFB . (Back Row: ) Pt. Satish Sharma-NCHT, Mr R.Oberoi –Slough Mandir , Dr Tribhovan Jotangia – VHP, Mr Navdeep Singh-CSN, Shri Jayesh Jotangia-HLA

Members of British Hindu community have come together for a meeting with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during his recent UK visit. The meeting took place at Montcalm Hotel in London. Umbrella organisation Hindu Forum of Britain took the initiative to discuss the pressing issues facing British Hindus.

Present on the occasion were Dr Tribhovan Jotangia representing Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shri Shruti Dharmadas representing ISKCON, Shri Satish Sharma representing NCHT, Shri Jayesh Jotangia representing Hindu Lawyers’ Association, Shri Yajur Shah representing National Hindu Students Forum, Shri Ramesh Oberoi from Slough Mandir, Shri Bhavesh and Shri Ajay Vyas from Art of Living,  Shri Haribhai Halai, Lakshmi Vyas and Ragasudha Vinjamuri representing Hindu Forum of Britain.

President of Hindu Forum of Britain Truptiben Patel has rendered brief opening words thanking Guruji for agreeing to allocate his valuable time and about the need and the importance of presenting a unified Hindu voice to deal with the current challenges.

Gurudev Sri Sri with President of HFB Trupti Patel
Gurudev Sri Sri with President of HFB Trupti Patel

Guru Sri Sri has greeted and presented shawls to the members present. His remarks included appreciation to HFB for doing a good job in voicing concerns about the plight of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh and highlighted the broadminded, progressive and peaceful nature of Hindu community and how it values gender equality and freedom of worship.  He suggested that it is necessary to present a unified voice to the outside world and therefore a scholarly and effective leadership is necessary to further the Hindu cause in Britain.

On the issue of Caste Bill, Guruji has said that those who feel marginalised and ignored must be empowered and that a positive attitude is necessary.
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