Hindu Lawyers Association organise Pro-bono Conference 2016  



The Pro-Bono conference organised by the Hindu Lawyers Association will be held tomorrow 5 March. Asian Lite reports.

hindu lawyers confThe Pro Bono conference will be held on  5 March 2015 at BPP Law School, Waterloo between 9.30 and 4pm.Leaders and representatives from over 15 community organisations will take a proactive leap into the legal world as they engage in dynamic seminars, interactive workshops and be guided through a legal exhibition as they partake in the UK’s first ever Pro-Bono Conference 2016 dedicated to faith based community organisations being hosted by the Hindu Lawyers Association (HLA).

The Conference is being supported by BPP Law School and has as its theme “making a difference through unity”. With an increasing number of community and faith based organisations being formed, there has been a growing demand for legal guidance being readily accessible to such groups, particularly against a backdrop of regular legislative reforms. The HLA recognises that there are a number of organisations which participate in extremely meaningful and phenomenal work for society but are not always in a position to pay the legal fees to gain basic advice and guidance. It is for this reason the HLA aims to support such organisations by providing a stepping stone to assist such bodies in being more diligent and proactive with their legal affairs. The conference aims to inspire key officer bearers of community and faith organisations to keep up their positive work but to dedicate more time in getting the legalities of their operations correct.

Delegates at the Pro-Bono Conference will have the opportunity to hear from a representatives from leading law firms and barrister chambers who will present the legal issues surrounding trustee duties, constitutional issues and conflicts of interest. There will also be workshops and talks on a variety of topics such as immigration and property issues. Delegates will also have an opportunity to partake in an interactive forum where they can gain answers to any ad hoc legal queries they may have.

Angeli Vadera, Vice Chair of the Hindu Lawyers Association, states “Community centres and religious places of worship often form a centre point for activities within the community.  The administration and maintenance of facilities often falls within the responsibility of a dedicated committee who carry out their duties on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the HLA Pro Bono Conference is too assist these volunteers to spot the legal issues which often go unnoticed as well as the providing a forum of for them to interact with lawyers. It is the first conference in the UK dedicated to providing legal guidance to faith community groups”.

For more information contact Angeli Vadera hlaprobono@hotmail.co.uk