‘I’ll be a Mayor for all Londoners’

Sadiq Khan MP, Labour Party's mayoral candidate

The following is the first official message sent by new London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The new mayor reaffirms that he will be a mayor for all Londoners . . .

London is the greatest city in the world. I never dreamt someone like me could be elected as Mayor of London. This is not just the best job in politics, it’s the best job, full stop.

I have a burning ambition for London – an ambition that will guide me every day as Mayor of our great city. I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family.

We all need a helping hand to succeed. As your Mayor, I will do what I can to help ensure you have: a home you can afford, a good job with decent pay, an affordable and modern transport system, streets you feel safe walking on, day or night, and a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

In my first week at City Hall, I’ve already started delivering on my manifesto commitments. Fares have been rising for the past eight years. As Mayor, I’m determined that the high cost of travel will not be a barrier to work. That’s why I’m introducing a one-hour ‘Hopper’ bus fare. From September, it means passengers can take two journeys for the price of one within a 60-minute window. It will make it cheaper and easier for Londoners to get around their city. It will help people on lower incomes, who most often rely on buses to get around. This is just the start of my plan to ensure everyone can afford to travel around London. A promise that includes freezing all TfL fares for the next four years.

Around 10,000 Londoners die every year because of polluted air. It is our biggest environmental challenge. I know from personal experience that the city’s air is damaging people’s health as I only recently started suffering from asthma as an adult. Many pollution hotspots in London are around schools, exposing our children to dangerously polluted air and putting them at greater risk of respiratory conditions like mine. That’s why I’ve announced bold plans to tackle air pollution in London.

To help me build an even greater city, I’ve also appointed Joanne McCartney as London’s new Statutory Deputy Mayor. She is a long-serving Assembly Member who I know will do a fantastic job.

I won’t just be a Mayor for some Londoners. I’ll be a Mayor for all Londoners.”


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