Imperial College launches diabetes study


It is imminent that the lifestyle disease should be prevented…reports Asian Lite News

Max Healthcare has joined hands with Imperial College London to launch a study on Type 2 diabetes to prevent the prevalence of the lifestyle disease among Indians, the hospital announced.

Kicked off this month, the three-year “iHealth Type 2 Diabetes” study will map 10,000 Indian citizens with pre-diabetic symptoms and will focus on health promotion and prevention of Type 2 diabetes in them.

“We have established an international partnership of clinicians and scientists committed to advancing prevention of diabetes in south Asians,” said Sujeet Jha, Director (Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism) at Max Healthcare.


“The research will address the limitations of current approaches towards diabetes management in our country,” Jha added.

The study, led by professors John Chambers and Jaspal Singh Kooner from Imperial College London along with Jha, will analyse whether family-based lifestyle modification versus usual care reduces the risk of diabetes among Indians with obesity and pre-diabetes conditions.

“Diabetes is no longer just at the doorstep. It has entered our homes. It has already affected 6.68 crore Indians and another 46.3 per cent are undiagnosed,” Jha said.

The researchers will screen individuals with pre-diabetic symptoms and subsequently select 10,000 participants from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Bihar.