India Calling for William & Kate


William and Kate are all set to venture upon their official India tour strengthening the bonds between the two countries. . . . reports Subhadrika Sen

Prince William and Duchess Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be starting their official tour to India and Bhutan, in one of the most awaited official tours of this year. This much anticipated tour would be bringing the two countries even closer in the international scenario. India has always maintained good relations with Britain due to their commonwealth links. Thus, the tour would start on April 10th from Mumbai. They would also make a brief stop at Bhutan and Kaziranga National Park before winding up their tour at the Taj Mahal on the 16th of April. According to the announcements made by the Kensington Palace, Prince George and Princess Charlotte would not be accompanying their parents on this trip.

Interestingly enough, in the year 1992, the Duke’s mother, Princess Diana also made a trip to the world’s most romantic monument only to tell the world that her marriage to Prince Charles was over. Furthermore, it is well known that the trip of her son would be constantly compared with her own trip. But the young couple had made it clear that they do not fear being compared to their parents.

This trip would shed new light on sports, entrepreneurship, urban poverty relief, creative arts, rural life and young people. The Duke and Duchess have always supported new causes and promoted them. Thus, their target audience would be the young generation.

It was only last year that Bhutan was struck by a terrible Earthquake from which it is still coping. This visit of Duke Williams and Duchess Kate with the royal family of Bhutan would only bring the two countries together and give a new ray of hope for development.

India and Bhutan are both third world developing countries. In the international sphere, this visit would dawn in an era of forming new relations in global politics.