India -UK Partners up for BioConclave 2016


A major delegation of India life science researchers landed in the UK for an immensely successful BioConclave and partnerships between India and UK in the field of life science. . . . Reports Asian Lite News

A major delegation of around twenty companies land in the UK hoping for a successful partnership with the country in the field of life science. Indian life science sector has shown an immense development in the last three years where it grew by 12 per cent. This gave the Indian life science sector the confidence and the boost to try looking for partnerships beyond borders.

This brought the delegation to the United Kingdom to attend the BioConclave. The conclave was hosted by the Medcity and focussed on Indian expertise in the fields of life science and healthcare with special focus on research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This initiative was supported by many organisations including the University College, London.

This conclave and successful partnerships would bring in the two countries- India and UK- closer in the field of science and technology. According to Sakate Khaitan, Senior Partner at Khaitan Legal,“There is so much opportunity for the UK and India to be a partners of choice, and this investment is testament to the strong capabilities India is developing.” Furthermore, Dr Anil Wali, Managing Director of IIT-Delhi’s biotech incubator FITT, said: “It is wonderful to be in London for the BioConclave 2016. Forums such as these bring a practical perspective to bringing SMEs, big pharma, innovators and investors together.”