Indian IT firms to train UK graduates

Priti Patel launches ‘Generation-UK India’ initiative which will see thousands of UK graduates boost their digital skills through paid internships in India….reports Asian Lite News
Priti Patel launches ‘Generation-UK India’ initiative which will see 1000 UK graduates boost their digital skills through paid internships in India

Priti Patel MP, the Employment Minister and Prime Minister’s Indian Diaspora Champion, launched a new initiative to train thousands of UK graduates at prestigious Indian digital firms like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

“The new scheme truly place graduates “at the heart” of Prime Minister Modi’s Skill India agenda,” said Priti while launching the project in the presence of several dignitaries and business leaders.  “Endorsed by Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi, Generation UK-India is a highly ambitious programme run by the British Council. It aims to build collaboration, engagement and trust between our two countries, by supporting up to 25,000 young people in the UK to gain work and study experience in India by 2020.
“Established last year, an impressive 496 students and graduates have already taken part in a range of teaching positions and cultural immersions in India.
“I am therefore delighted that this year, as part of this growing programme, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  will now be providing UK students with the opportunity to undertake 12 month paid digital internships in their offices around 17 locations in India.
“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity. Over the next four years, the TCS internship will play a key role in developing the digital skills of 1000 UK graduates.
“Today, our young people are entering a highly competitive, and increasingly internationalised, job market. We need to ensure that the UK remains competitive in this global digital economy. And to do that we need to invest in our young generation and ensure that they have the right skills to secure the best jobs.
“And where better for them to gain this experience than in the world’s fastest growing economy, at one of India’s biggest companies.
 “These are exciting times for India. India is transforming…..  The election of Prime Minister Modi in 2014 was a momentous moment which created a great sense of confidence and excitement on the streets.
“When I visited India last month, that sense of confidence was still palpable…..
“Prime Minister Modi himself has an ambitious vision for India – one of inclusive, sustainable development. He wants to improve the ease of doing business to attract investment; root out corruption; invest in infrastructure; and through Skills India empower 500 million young people – with a further 1 million young Indians joining the labour market every month.
“The TCS internship scheme will place graduates at the heart of this.  By working in India, graduates will be learning new skills from experts in business. They will build their own networks. They will develop new ideas. It will provide your students, your future employees, and our next generation with a competitive edge.
“And, as well as developing business acumen, it will also provide a full immersion into the world’s largest democracy and a rich, diverse and modern culture.
“The new TCS internship programme is a perfect fit within our wider collaboration with India. Over the last 10 years the UK-India relationship in education research and innovation has blossomed, showcased in the UK-India Education and Research Initiative and the Newton-Bhabha Fund.
“That is why, during his visit to the UK last November, Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Cameron agreed that 2016 should be the UK-India Year of Education, Research and Innovation.
“This year will be a celebration of the achievements between our two countries in this field; a year-long campaign to highlight the mutual benefits of working together; and an opportunity to drive further UK-India partnerships.
“Our relationship with India is a priority for this government….. However, as I have said many a time in my role as the Prime Minister’s Diaspora Champion- building deeper ties is not just a government-to-government activity.
“The heart of our relationship lies at the level of the individual and it is through developing our people-to-people links that we can really begin to create a flourishing partnership.
“And that is why I am such a champion of this new TCS internship scheme. Not only will it provide our students with skills and new experiences, it will also provide them with an invaluable opportunity to build their own professional and personal connections in India, and with the people of India – which I hope will lead to the business partnerships of the future.”