Indian Rhythms Rock Britain’s Got Talent


Harrow Bollywood Dance School shines at the National ITV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ . . . . by Asian Lite News

A Performance in Progress
A Performance in Progress

Sapnay School of Dance, Harrow based Bollywood dance School has been teaching Bollywood, Bhangra and Street / Hip Hop dance styles over a decade to children as young as 3½ years to adults from its centres in Harrow, Northwood, Kingsbury, North Finchley and Ilford. Sapnay are the pioneers in creating the Bollywood dance fusion with other dance styles.

This year Sapnay’s Artistic Director, Ash Oberoi, created the idea for an amazing Dance Fusion piece and had the desire to take it to the 10th Anniversary of the National ITV show called Britain’s Got Talent. Ash initially discussed her ideas with her choreographers Prabhleen Oberoi (who is also her daughter), Del Mak and Aleksandra Papior. After hearing her ideas, they were thrilled to get on board as they loved the idea of fusing two worlds together in the name of dance. Ash formed a solid team of talented choreographers & dancers as well as a dedicated behind-the-scenes team- Costume Designer, Tahira Chaudhary, and Hair and Make- up specialist, Sonya Kaur. This idea was pulled together with everyone’s support and the team auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

The aim was to bring something new to the table for the UK audience. It was a challenge for the choreographers to create a masterpiece of Bollywood dance fusion with Street / Hip Hop, but even the dancers had to adapt to learning other styles they had never done before. Although Ash knew exactly what she wanted it was hard work ensuring that the execution and presentation of the fusion did justice and came across exactly how she envisioned it. The group went forward with a new name ‘Bollywest Fusion’ for the live audition round, and all the hard work paid off when the judges and the audience were impressed with the team.

The aim of this fusion mix was to portray the rich cultural dance in front of the judges and also to bring various communities closer to each other.  The idea of joining hands with different dance styles not only enhances creative ability but also brings people of different dance backgrounds together to create something never seen before. It was exciting for Bollywest Fusion to make that mark for the very first time on stage.

Sapnay’s recent works include performing for the Prime Minister of India for ‘UK Welcomes Modi’ at the Wembley Stadium for the two main acts Jay Sean and Kanika Kapoor for an audience of 70,000. UK’s First Ever Bollywood dance champion, Prabhleen Oberoi, who is our head choreographer and lead dancer was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to not only choreograph, but also perform for Jay Sean and Kanika Kapoor.

Sapnay were also privileged to have performed for the King & Queen of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol on BBC’s The One Show. Shortly after this, Sapnay was also invited to choreograph and perform for Superstar Brit Asian Artist, Navin Kundra, and Malaysia’s top Punjabi Artists, Goldkartz, at the Savoy Hotel.

BollyWest Fusion will be shown on this Saturday 21st May 2016 at 8pm onwards on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Here is a glimpse of some of the works by Sapnay


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