Indian Students Duped By Fraud Immigration Advisor

VICTIMS: Students paid almost half a million pound to a fraud immigration advisor -

Scores of Indian students were duped by a fraud Immigration Advisor

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VICTIMS: Students paid almost half a million pound to a fraud immigration advisor -
VICTIMS: Students paid almost half a million pound to a fraud immigration advisor –

Scores of Indian students in London, who have fallen victim to a fraud immigration advisor, are seeking the help of Indian High Commission to get their money back.

The students, who include two Nepalis and an Iranian, were unaware of each other but were clients of an Immigration Advisor named ‘Alpesh Patel’ – who runs a company named Aaryas Careers Ltd in Brentford, West London. The victims are all undergraduate or post-graduate students of some of the best universities in the UK, including Sunderland, Newcastle, Anglia Ruskin and Cardiff. The victims were paid almost half a million pound to the advisor.

To a man, they all were referred to Mr Patel after completion of their studies to explore different options – including applying for post-graduate or research visas or apply for employment as skilled graduates.

On Mr Patel’s advice, they all chose the latter – applying for Tier 2 Employment Visas.  All of their applications however, were rejected by the Home office and they were also banned for 10 years from applying for visas after it was revealed that “deception” was used in the applications.

The victims had never known each other but met as they confronted Mr Patel at his office.  Further inquiries have revealed that Mr Patel and his associates Ronak Patel and Kushal Shah – who had previously run a “college” in West London – had created a string of bogus companies and issued fake “Certificates of Sponsorship”.

Each victim was charged up to £15,000 – a staggering amount for a visa application.  The 20 victims believe they are merely the tip of the iceberg.  WE have since been approached by similar victims of Mr Patel from as far afield as Leicester and Gujarat. This could potentially be one of the biggest visa scams in recent memory.

The matter is currently under Judicial Review but the system itself appears to be against the victims.  They are not allowed to work while investigations continue.  Both the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police are currently investigating.

The victims formed a forum and are planning a silent protest at the residence of Mr Patel on Sunday:  For details please check their website – :