India’s Houdini Due in London


Magician Gopinath Muthukad aka India’s Houdini will arrive in Britain as part of his European Tour….. reports Rajitha Saleem

Muthukad UK Tour Poster1Mr. Gopinath Muthukad, India’s most popular magician and illusionist with a track record of almost four decades, will arrive in the UK in May as part of his European tour.

The renowned magician from the south Indian state of Kerala will take UK audience to a magical journey.

Muthukad’s and his World of Illusions, a 10-member ensemble, is being presented to the UK audience by Kushlosh, a popular media events organiser.

Muthukad AA magician and illusionist par excellence for the past 37 years, Muthukad is also acclaimed as a motivator and an inspirational speaker.  He is famous as the first magician to receive the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy award in 1995.  The award was to honour his commitment and dedication of promoting magic.

Muthukad was selected as the first UNICEF celebrity supporter of Unite for Children from Kerala, also the Kerala brand ambassador for Election Commission of India. He was also bestowed with ‘International Merlin Award’ in 2011 by the International Magicians Society.

Muthukad 2Muthukad is better known nowadays for the number of TV shows he has done, prominent among them being ‘Munch Star Singer Junior’ and `Little Scholar’.  A multi-talented personality, Muthukad has written books on magic and is doing a chain of small talk shows which imparts practical wisdom to the audience.

A list of incredible feats performed by him are includes Houdini Fire Escape Act, Water Torture Escape, The Great Car Vanishing Act, Enchanting Cine Magic, Stunning Bullet Catching Act, Great Elephant Vanishing Act, Awesome Aircraft Manifestation, Life & Death Act and Great Prediction Manifesto, many of which would promise to be a visual treat for the UK audience.

Contact KushLosh at or 07982734828 or Binu 07944415052 for more details.


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