Jaguar XF Gets BBC Top Gear Award


The Jaguar XF has been crowned BBC Top Gear’s Saloon Car of the Year, praised for its ‘immaculate blend of comfort and verve’. It’s the latest in a series of major awards for the new XF, having been named Best Executive Car at the Fleet News Awards and Best Director’s Car at the SME Company Car Awards in the last month alone.

95959jagTop Gear Magazine praised the XF’s stiff, lightweight aluminium-intensive construction in particular, which enables the highest standards of performance, efficiency, safety and dynamics. More importantly for the Top Gear judges, it gives the XF a critical edge in the formidably competitive Saloon Car category.

Each of the Top Gear Magazine Awards winners is picked by the publication’s expert motoring journalists – and The Stig – who rate and review more than 300 cars each year, before announcing the best in each category.

Speaking about the XF’s lightweight construction, Jack Rix, Deputy Editor, Top Gear Magazine said: “It cuts a hefty 190kg from the old XF (and comes in around 80kg less than the equivalent BMW 5-Series) but it’s also stiffer and frees up more interior space. The cleanest model emits a mere 104g/km of CO2, unthinkable with steel underpinnings, while the one with the F-TYPE’s 375bhp supercharged V6 can cover 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds.”