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Afzal Khan MEP

MEP from North West and senior Labour leader Afzal Khan said EU referendum is about far more than the deal agreed today….reports Asian Lite News

Afzal Khan MEP
Afzal Khan MEP

Responding to The Prime Minister’s announcement of the completion of his EU negotiation, Afzal Khan MEP, said: “I’m pleased that David Cameron has finally completed his EU renegotiation. But this referendum is about far more than the deal agreed today.

“The question of Britain’s membership of the EU is the most important our generation will face. For me the answer has always been simple – Britain and the North West is stronger, safer and more prosperous in the EU than we would be if we left,” the former Manchester Mayor said. “Last year companies exported goods worth over £13 billion to the EU and 40,000 jobs in our region are linked with that trade.

“And we only need to look at local landmarks like The National Graphine Institute, the Echo Arena and Media City to see the positive difference the £1.38 billion of regional EU funding has made.

“Leaving puts all this at risk and diminishes our influence in the world, which is why I’ll be campaigning hard between now and referendum day for Britain to remain in the EU.”