Local Receives Bravery Award


Local Manchester Resident Receives Bravery Award for stopping woman robbing a shop. . . . by Asian Lite News

A local Resident of Manchester has received the Bravery Award after he single handedly stopped a woman from robbing a local pharma company. Richard McClean, 43, saw a woman leaving the pharmaceutical stores after having stolen over two hundred tablets. He pursued the woman to quite an extent and tipped off the police in the meanwhile. He managed to delay the woman from running away while the police arrived and delivered justice.

He has been awarded for his humanitarian deed along with eleven other members of the community in Chorlton. He received his award from the hands of the Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins. According to Hopkins, “Richard showed remarkable bravery and quick thinking with his actions, acting in a completely selfless manner despite the very real danger to his own safety at the time.His efforts not only managed to prevent the escape of a criminal but also provided vital assistance to both staff at the pharmacy and the local community.”

Richard on the other hand commented, “It is a great surprise to be recognised in this way and very flattering, though I would like to think I responded in the same way anyone else would in a situation like that.  My family are very proud of me and my five year old son tells his friends I’m a modern day superhero.”

Richard’s act was a great service to humanity. It also served as an example of community vigilance where the act of one man saved the community. It highlights that how the locals help the police in solving crimes and save the day.

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