London Gears up for World Yoga Festival

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World Yoga Festival takes place from the 29th to 31st July 2016 and brings together the most revered collection of teachers in traditional yoga, meditation and wisdom gathered in one glorious 3-day open-air event. . . .  reports Asian Lite News

Yoga enthusiast practising yoga
Yoga enthusiast practising yoga

With plenty of entertainment and activities for all the family, this event promises to be one-of-a-kind for yogis of all ages, abilities and disciplines. Think somewhere between a retreat and a festival, with ample opportunity for reflection – a genuinely authentic yoga festival giving one the chance to get in touch with the inner self. Masters who will be teaching include Mooji, Birjoo, Rupert Spira, Sri Louise and many more.

According to the Ram Banerjee, the organiser of the event, “ The World Yoga Festival will showcase all the eight elements of Yoga under a single venue bringing together what is the best of India’s ancient heritage for physical, emotional and spiritual self-improvement. In the west, Yoga is being diluted away from its original authentic nature, to just a series of postures and exercises. Long-standing practitioners are confused and looking for what to do next. They are unaware of the rich tradition that offers them a clear defined path all the way to self-realisation. “

He continues, “This outdoor three-day festival is designed to give the attendees, a rare vision of this path. Participants will be encouraged to sample from the authentic array of classes in asanas, pranayama, ayurveda, meditation and classical wisdom teaching. The festival is set in a lush green valley surrounded by tall trees in an area of outstanding natural beauty near London, England.”

The day will start early with chanting beside a tranquil lake just as the sun rises followed by meditation in the stillness of dawn. Many will take to their Yoga mats to greet the new sparkling day with contemplative asanas and pranayama. This is Yoga at its finest, its most peaceful, most restful state.

 Yoga enthusiasts practising yoga
Yoga enthusiasts practising yoga

After a vegetarian breakfast to suit all tastes with juices and pure water to energise the body, workshops will begin with each class led by a true master from authentic Yoga schools, guiding their students to achieve that little bit more. The wisdom teachings will be truly fascinating. All workshops will be held in beautifully dressed tents with windows and sides that may be opened to let in the beauty of the surroundings.

Then a choice of tasty vegetarian food for lunch and a chance to contemplate on the grass banks beside the gentle waters on what has been heard or felt. Such will be the quality of the teaching that a desire for more will draw people back into the afternoon classes and workshops. All classes are available to all participants. Everyone is free to experience and appreciate the original and authentic nature of Yoga, the true jewel of India.

An Introduction to Ayurveda will give participants just an insight into this ancient method of well being, balancing the body so that it is able to heal itself. Books and videos will be available for those who wish to extend their understanding yet further.

As evening draws near, there is an opportunity to walk and contemplate before dinner.

To spend time with friends in the Chai tent thumbing though a few books on ancient wisdom and perhaps share moments of the extraordinary day. Every day after dinner, there is a show. An exotic mix of music and dance that is a fusion of east and west. Exotic sounds and sights to enliven the experiential side before one slips back into their  tent and contemplate the unbelievable day that has past and positively quiver in anticipation of being able to do it all again the day after.

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