London Mayor Turns BoGo

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson will campaign to leave the EU in the UK’s referendum on June 23, BBC reported.

London Mayor Boris Johnson
London Mayor Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson, the charismatic Eton-educated Tory, is considered as the most influential figure in the campaign. During his journalism days, Mr Johnson was based in Brussels and extensively reported EU affairs. His writing reflects his dislike of the way EU machinery is running.

Earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron urged Mr Johnson to back the campaign for Britain to remain in the EU.

The Prime Minister was using an appearance on the BBC’s Marr programme to set out his arguments for why people should vote for Britain to stay in Europe.

“I will say to Boris what I say to everybody else which is that we will be safer, stronger and better off inside the EU,” said Cameron.

“I think the prospect of linking arms with Nigel Farage and George Galloway in a leap into the dark is the wrong step for our country and if Boris and others really care about getting things done then the EU is one of the ways that we get things done.”